Our Response to COVID-19:

As the coronavirus continues to profoundly reshape American life, Edward Homes Nevada would like to wish everyone a safe and healthy road ahead. We invite you to schedule an appointment with our community sales manager for an in-person private showing or a virtual home tour of any of our residences. Contact Carla Adal at 702.810.6100 or email carla.adal@cbvegas.com for more information.


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We are a local Las Vegas mother/son duo that believe when it comes to development, quality is far more important than quantity. We’ve successfully worked in numerous markets throughout the country for over 20 years, and we rely heavily on word of mouth for business. Therefore, to us every individual experience matters. We strive to make every relationship long lasting by making the building and development process as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

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Our Keys to Success

• Promote 100% customer satisfaction by providing a high-quality product within budget and on schedule
• Hire reliable, professional personnel
• Employ subcontractors with proper training, licensing and reliability
• Maintain efficient material sourcing and delivery by ensuring price competitiveness, accurate material identification and timely ordering
• Provide a realistic and achievable schedule for the client that meets all parties’ expectations. (although delays can happen that are beyond our control)
• Attention to detail and transparent communication

What We Offer

Edward Homes Inc. offers incredible attention to detail, budget sensibility, and scheduling to ensure a flawless job from start to finish.

Project Planning

We handle all scheduling and timeline follow-through from design conception to project completion.

Commercial Renovation

Our team specializes in commercial building and tenant improvements.

Building Construction

We offer full-service construction including permitting, land development and structure development.

Our Services

Edward Homes Inc. offers incredible attention to detail, budget sensibility, and scheduling to ensure a flawless job from start to finish.


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Investor Services

Edward Home’s goal is building wealth through thoughtful stewardship of capital. We apply our collective experience and rigorous due diligence to find returns that surpass many investment benchmarks while carefully managing risk. We have been delivering returns from the low teens to the high teens within an extensive track record.

Edward Homes targets gaps in the market that public builders ignore, and other private builders haven’t discovered yet, through innovative design and a reputation for delivering a positive experience for buyers. Edward Homes likes to work with investors that share our approach to building quality homes that represent our values of integrity and providing long-term value for our buyers.

*All investing involves risk and costs. No representation is made that future investments will achieve similar results to the historical returns noted. Investors should seek legal and tax council before engaging in investments.

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